Sculptures, statues and garden decor


City included in the UNESCO world heritage list

Sculptures from Vicenza ItalyIn December 1994, Vicenza - the city of Palladio - was included in UNESCO's World Heritage list in recognition that its Palladian architectural treasures are to be considered of exceptional interest and of universal value, and that they have exerted a great influence on the culture of the world as a whole.

The territory that makes up the province preserves an extraordinary treasure: hundreds of villas that mark centuries of Venetian culture. Almost all of the country residences designed by Andrea Palladio are to be found in our countryside.



The civilization of Villa

A thousand years of history that continues

Between the XV and the XVIII century the Villa was the same as a country residence, inhabited between the end of spring and the beginning of autumn by the urban classes; mostly noblemen, for the sake of a change, rest and, especially for the direct control of farming activities and land profits.

In Venetia, these ways of life integrated with the buildings. They are seen as an expression of true and real "civilization", because they have faithfully represented the variations in artistic culture, economic points of junction, social relations and government interests over the territory.

Consequently, history and the use of spaces blend into a unison.

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