Stone statues and sculptures for home and garden decor


A thousand year history that continues

The stone-cutters were once part of the association of the builders, bricklayers and all those people that used to work in the kiln. The statute of this association is known to be written back in the XIII century. This statute used to mark the different tasks of the leaders, of the revisers, of the masters of the art and their disciples.

In Vicenza, as well as in other countries all over the world, the life of the disciples was ruled as follows :

  • In case the discipline had no knowledge at all, the father used to pay the master who was then requi- red to support the young boy with clothes and food;
  • In case the disciple had some knowledge, the master used to take care of him offering food and clo- thes without receiving any type of help from the family and, at the same time, without paying any- thing to the young boy or his parents;
  • Once the disciple reached a good level of knowledge, then the master used to support him still with food and clothes, paying also some money as regards the skills the young man had acquired.

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