White Carrara marble statues and statuary



White Carrara marble, pride of the Apuane Alps, has always been the most famous ornamental stone all over the world. There's no town in Italy or abroad which hasn't got in its cultural heritage sculptures or buildings made up of this marble. The greatest masters have always made their master pieces shaping the white "stone". Michelangelo himself came to these areas and chose these blocks to build up the statues for the Medici's Chapels and tomb of Julius II (the second) and well-known Pietà and Da- vid. Thanks to their durability these beautiful works of our history have come to us.


Sculptures which repropose the original statue.


Reproduction of the sculptures is done by model and achieved thru the point system.














ART. n. MS-1 Venere of Ebe Cm 60 - 100 - 120 - 150


ART. n. MS-2 Venere Italica (Canova)
Cm 60 - 100 - 120 - 150
ART. n. MS-4 Venere Allegrain
Cm 60 - 100 - 120 - 150


ART. n. MS-3 David (Michelangelo)
Cm 60 - 100 - 120 - 150

ART. n. MS-5 Venere of Milo
Cm 60 - 100 - 120 - 150 

White Carrara marble Statuary

Important Sculptures carefully sculpted and finished.

For more than 2000 years, Italian artisans and craftsmen have been producing and processing virtually every type of natural stone and marble.

ART. n. MS-6
Young Girl Sitting.
White Carrara Marble
H. Cm 90 H. Cm 140

ART. n. MS-7
Young Girl with Flowers
White Carrara Marble
H. Cm 120 H. Cm 170

In our studios in Carrara (Italy) we are able to assure quality of workmanship and to satisfy every special request for all kinds of artistic marble working.

ART. n. MS-8
Venere Bagnantina
White Carrara Marble
H. Cm 120 H. Cm 180

ART. n. MS-9
Venere of Canova
White Carrara Marble
H. Cm 120 H. Cm 170

ART. n. MS-10
Venere “H”
White Carrara Marble
H. Cm 120 H. Cm 170

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