Custom made white Carrara marble statuary


Custom made marble sculptures and statuary

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to create custom made sculptures of your own design or reproductions of famous ori- ginals such as Michelangelo's Pieta in white Carrara marble: possibly the most precious medium for unique masterpieces. Each statue starts as a block of marble that the artist transforms into a unique and original art form. Choose a standard subject or sub- mit sketches or ideas for a no obligation quote.

Carrara Marble is Unrivalled

From 283 B.C. when the Romans first worked the Carrara quarries, marble from Italy has steadily increased in value as a sculptural and decorative stone. Today Italian sculptures are known throughout the world for their supremacy in expressing thoughts in marble.





ART. n. MS-11
Horse Head in White Carrara Marble
H. Cm 60

ART. n. MS-12
Roman Bust Caracalla
in Antiquated White marble.
H. Cm 85

ART. n. MS-14
Ottaviano Bust with Salome marble.
H. Cm 55

ART. n. MS-13
Roman Bust
with Yellow Marble from Siena
H. Cm 77


For centuries, Carrara and marble have meant artistic, cultural and craft traditions. Marble and Carrara, a combination that for centuries has been known all over the world, not only for the presence and produc- tion of a unique, beautiful stone fit for the most accurate works, choosen by past and present artists, but also for the mastery with which skilful craftsmen, sculptors, stonecutters, marble cutters, decoration artists have managed to give shape to this material, bringing it to life in many forms.



In our Carrara studios we are able to assure quality of workmanship and to satisfy every request for all kinds of artistic marble’s working. For more than 2000 years Italian artisans and craftsmen have been producing virtually every type of natural stone and marble. We are able to carve any type of sculpture required by the customer. Simply, send us an illustration, drawing or sketch of the statue you are looking for and, without any obligation on your part, we will prepare an estimate within a short amount of time.

Italy is the center of marble. Marble is part of life here... part of history. Our artistic workshop located in Carrara, Tuscany (Italy) is equipped to create free artistic reproductions sculpted in white Carrara marble even of a classic style, suitable to adorn villas, gardens and parks. The “Carrara marble” is proof against the weather agents, sudden changes in the temperature, ultra- violet rays and against the air impurities. The “Carrara marble” is a material that lasts throughout the centuries, not just years.


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