Outdoor wall fountains for homes and gardens

Wall Fountains

The “fountain” itself automatically recalls the image of water, which is a recurrent theme in the famous gardens of our history . In fact, the fountains, which are sculptural works sometimes of very big dimensions (“Architectural fountains”), give life to a garden, making it bustling.

The water flows in the bowls of the fountain and, gushing, it reaches the basin to finally start its course all over again.

The “Vicenza stone” is the material used par excellence to build fountains; in fact, once this material is exposed to the water, it has the tendency to change its natural colours, showing a grey-green glaze that is characteristic of the stone.

ART. n. 2106 Statue
 Cm 180
ART. n. 1495


ART. n. 2161 Putto and Base
Cm 100 x 45 x 38
ART. n. 2162 Basin Cm 30x150x130

ART. n. 1420
Cm 130 x Ø 70

ART. n. 2156
Cm 150 x 130 x 70


ART. n. 1438
Cm 150 x Ø 80
ART. n. 2125
Cm 110 x Ø 80

ART. n. 1421
Cm 200 x Ø 100
Cm 150 x Ø 80 Wall fountain.
The bowl has a moulded edge sur- mounted by an arched pediment; the paneled front centered with a mask, on a volute with bracket feet and stepped feet.

ART. n. 2168 Cm 170 x 300 x 120
Monumental wall fountain with two characteristic gargoyles and a dolphin placed between them.

ART. n. 2122
Cm 130 x 120 x 80

ART. n. 1474
Cm 80 x Ø 60

ART. n. 2123
Cm 230 x 400 x 200


ART. n. 2223 Wall Fountain
Cm 180 x 90 x 49 Without tap

ART. n. 2113 Fountain
Cm 180 x 150 x 90
Reproduction of an artistic fountain

ART. n. 2219 Wall Fountain
Cm 315 x 140 x 76


ART. n. 1437 Cm 140 x Ø 70
Wall fountain with a classic style.


ART. n. 2132
Cm 190 x 110 x 68


ART. n. 2136 Cm 40 x 90 x 50 ART. n. 2135 Cm 40 x 90 x 50


ART. n. 1850 Cm 175 x 140 x 70 ART. n. 2111 Fountain Cm 160 x 90 x 55

ART. n. 2167 Cm 165 x 150 x 120
Typical antique fountain with large bowl and a carved pillar.

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